Tamera Mowry ‘Token’ Speaker For MomMe

Unfortunately Tamera Mowry  felt our lips & nose was too big to invite us to her Hollyweird MomMe event.  The Fall Family Fest only takes place twice a year.  Tamera was the guest speaker chosen to speak on finding balance.  MomMe is an organization for parents.  It educates them on the best products and lifestyle moves.  Sadly, there weren’t many black people invited to the event.  God knows, Beyonce needs a parenting class.  MomMe felt like Lisa Ling, and Tamera covered the urban parents. Doesn’t it make more since to educate impoverished blacks?  Tamera bragged about all the parenting tips she learned:


  • Our lives can rarely be a 50/50 balance. Many people have to work more hours than they feel like they can spend with family. So when you are splitting your time, the important part is to always be present 100% when with family or at work.

  • It’s always ok to ask for help. Whether that’s delegating more to your partner, asking family for assistance or hiring help, there is nothing wrong with reaching out to those around you when you need assistance or a break.

  • Lowering your expectations and getting rid of mommy guilty will actually make you a better, happier parent. We put so much on ourselves to be the Do-It-All mom who can craft Pinterest beauty and attend every meeting, while making our kids lavish meals, but that’s not always realistic. If you love your children and do your best, that’s all that really matters in the end. Maybe you can’t spend every second with them, but if you’re working hard so they can one day go to college or afford a better life, that’s being a great parent.


Club Momme Balancing Family Panel