Kris Jenner Better Remember What Happened To Tammy Wynette

Everybody in the Grand Ol Opry is preparing for a Holloween bash at Woodlawn Memorial Park Cemetery in Nashville, Tennessee.  Cognac whispers claim they’re hosting a seance for the late great, Tammy Wynette.  Sheila Slaughter, an ex Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, is the target for revenge.  George Richey, Tammy’s ex, is already roasting in the pitt’s fire.  Taylor Swift, and Tim McGraw were making out at a church picnic when they had the epiphany.  Dolly Parton knows Wynette deserves to rest in peace, but felt this Hollyweird seance will give Tammy the opportunity to take care of  unfinished business.

Sheila Slaughter was Tammy Wynette’s best friend.  When Tammy died, Shelia hopped on George Richey’s cock with the quickness.  She was a taut and juicy 32, while he was a fragile 63.  Paula Canny is the lawyer representing Wynette’s children.  Wynette’s kids claimed Sheila Slaughter duped them out of millions, by poochie whipping their ailing step- daddy.  Shelia quickly married Richey for Tammy’s income.  Tammy willed all her fame, and fortune to her husband.  Her husband tricked every penny on a young bitch that happened to be Tammy’s friend.

“We believe Sheila got George and others to empty a trust fund worth at least $900,000 that Tammy had willed to her children,” Canny told The ENQUIRER.  

But even worse, since Richey’s death, Tammy’s children have discovered they’ve lost the rights to her music catalog, her name and likeness, as well as her trademarks – “The First Lady of Country Music” and “Stand by Your Man.”


“Those rights were supposed to go to Tammy’s children – and they’re worth millions!” Canny told The ENQUIRER. “George was allowed to receive an income from Tammy’s songs, but he wasn’t allowed to sell them.


“Tammy stood by her man, but he didn’t stand by her, and we believe he let his young bride manipulate him.


“No one had the right to sell Tammy’s song catalog and empty Tammy’s trusts!”

We think this should serve as a warning to Kris Jenner.  Wynette will haunt Sheila down for squandering her cash.  Sheila tried to sell Tammy Wynette’s body to a Hollyweird museum.  She bought senseless things like $60,000 curtains.  Slaughter is so creepy, she renovated Tammy’s tour bus, and drove it around Nashville.  Sheila Slaughter filmed Tammy’s funeral.  Expect a reality show, made for tv special soon.