Our One Night Stand With The Giada De Laurentiis All Beef 9″ Stretch Hotdog – Fatty Photos

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Did we tell yall about the time we stumbled in Pink’s Hotdog’s, and saw Jaime- Lamar Odom’s best friend?  This time, it was a surprise lunch date that squeezed our munchies in a head lock.  You can never avoid a welfare line to eat at Pink’s.  The wait is part of the experience.  When we spotted a skimpy line on traffic cluttered Labrea Ave, and it wasn’t Thanksgiving- we had to pull over.

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Don’t try to remind us of our New Year’s Resolution lie about losing weight.  We ordered quickly.  The smell of grilled onions made us rush to a quick decision.  We ordered The Giada De Laurentiis All Beef 9″ Stretch Hotdog, shown here.  After strategically facing our backs toward the patrons, we scarfed all 9 inches of beef.  It was so delicious, but our waist trainer tho…

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