Taylor Swift – Get Sexy Or Else

Are you surprised that  Taylor Swift is being pressured to boost her sex appeal?  While everyone pretends to hate Miley Cyrus, she’s single-handedly taken over the music industry.  Beyonce switched from performing in leotards, to performing in lingerie.  We won’t mention Rihanna, or Nicki Nipples Minaj.

Taylor sold us her little teenage life, and struggles to find true love.  Now… we all want to know if Bandz A Make Her Dance?  Fork all that stuff about Romeo & Juliet.  Times have changed.  She’s already graced the casting couch, ask Tim McGraw.  Even Selena Gomez had to make room for  the next fresh Hollyweird kid to get molested into the industry.  We were not invited to LA’s, Power House.  A Pioneer Chicken lunch with Taylor’s closest confidante proved pertinent.

The frenemy claims Taylor Swift is seriously considering a boob job.  She’s kinda sorta being pressured into it.  Didn’t Kesha get pressured into rehab for body issues?  Executives have convinced Swift that cosmetic surgery will stimulate her love life.  Do you like eating fried bologna?  More so, does Swift need to step her game up, or nah?