Teresa Giudice Manic Workout – Real Buffwives of New Jersey

Teresa is going for a feminine man’s build like Mel B.  She can’t do much else to pass her lonely days locked away.  She hasn’t been this sober since she was 12.  We heard everyone’s kissing her ass, and treating her like a celebrity in the joint.  When she’s not documenting her prison journey for more fame, and corruption- Teresa Giudice is  exercising like a steroid addict.  She misses her children, but didn’t realize how much she missed her damn self.  Her commissary is stocked with fresh meats, vegetables, and work-out DVDs.  All Giudice does in the slammer is bend over so fellow inmates can kiss her back, and massage her booty.  Her workout is grueling, and selfish.  Most days, her aerobics last sporadically 14 hours per day.  She needs to be J-Ho fit for her upcoming cooking show.  Bravo convinced Teresa to do her time, while executives planned her power come-back.  Her April Fool’s release date will rush in with a new book, and cooking reality show debut.

Jim Marchese hated on her! He says that Bravo will be guilty of “glorifying” crime if it renews her contract.

“I don’t think she should be on the show any longer,” Marchese told NYDailyNews. “I think glorifying a felon’s life is counterproductive, and I don’t think it’s appropriate.”

Bravo ain’t trying to hear it.  Giudice is the most recognizable name on the show.  Her life after prison lesbians would likely boost ratings.