Terrence Howard Dirty Little Secret

motorcycle rideTerrence Howard’s Hollyweird career is overshadowed by drama.  His love life is in tatters.  Howard’s baby mommas, and ex-wives fight like Mayweather for a share of his showbiz royalties.  He’s fat ego destroyed his relationship with Robert Downey Jr. over a teeny Iron Man check.  To make matters worst, rumors of beef behind the scenes of Empire are splashing up all over tabloids.  We hate to bring up old stuff, but could a murderous attitude be inherited?  Terrence Howard’s daddy, Tyrone Howard, is a killer, you know?

The Crash star was barely 3 when he was caught up in the Santa Line Slaying, that rocked Cleveland.  Terrence Howard’s mom, Anita, convinced Tyrone Howard, to take their baby boy to see Santa Claus at a department store. Tyrone waited in line, while baby Terrence shopped with his mom.  When they joined Tyrone in line, Jack Fitzpatrick grew annoyed when they cut ahead of him.   Jack, a white man, cursed Terrence’s family, and called them niggers!  A scuffle ensued smack dead in the middle of the mall on Christmas Eve!  Tyrone Howard shanked Fitzpatrick to death.  A bloody nail file was still poking from Jack’s neck when the cops came.  He died from the injuries.

Don’t mess with Terrence Howard.  You can’t handle the evil that lurks within.  Tyrone Howard was convicted of manslaughter, and served just 11 months in jail.  But you didn’t hear ANY of this from us…SSShhhh