The Big Fight That Ruined Ashton Kutcher Mila Kunis Engagement

Demi Moore reluctantly signed divorce papers to free Ashton Kutcher.  Mila Kunis wants us to forget that Ashton is a tweeting cheater, but maybe remarrying will change him. They participated in her brother’s wedding, so now Mila  is demanding Ashton put a ring on it immediately.

Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Embargoed Until 3pm PCT 12.08.13

Michael Kunis married Alexandra Blacker in Florida, and you know Kutcher’s goofy ass was thirsty to be apart of the ceremony.  He blessed the newlyweds with a 10 day Honeymoon to Australia.  Everybody was super stoked because the wedding was around the same time that he finalized his divorce from Demi.  Kunis finally started to feel whole with Ashton.   Now that he’s available to marry, they’ve run into another problem!

The couple have been fighting like crazy over a prenup!  Ashton Kutcher is no dummy, and he probably had to do some ‘strange thangs for a piece of change’  back in his modeling days.  He’s determined to protect his $100 million fortune at all cost.  Even he knows he may not be able to resist another hot tub romp with an eager Hollywood groupie.

Mila Kunis feels like prenups are a total jinx!  She knows she looks nothing like her character in Friends With Benefits.  Her body is far from the Black Swan body she used to convince Kutcher to divorce.  Will they decide to not worship money, and join forces in holy ‘matri- money’ ?  Or will they just stay engaged forever, like Jennifer Hudson?