@losangelesconfidential Gay in Hip Hop

Homosexuality secretly runs rampant in the urban hip hop community.  Gay love is still unaccepted in the Love & Hip Hop world.  Several professional sports figures have also been accused of being down low booty lovers.  We won’t drop names, but admit it.  Even some of your favorite super- fine, celebrity, man candy appear on the ‘How you Doin’ list.

We’re starting to suspect Compton’s finest, Jayceon ‘The Game’ Taylor may have a little sugar in his tank.  Plenty of gay men have children.  With all his youthful looks, cash, and celebrity- he can’t seem to find love.  Hood rumors claim he used to strip before making it big.  What happened between him, and Chris Brown?  Gay rumors swarm Diddy, but Game stays sipping Ciroc.  Hollyweird drugs pimp your mind, so you can release your inhibitions.  If Game let Diddy suck his cock, would that make Game gay?  More so, what straight man is so self absorbed?  What’s up with all the baby oiled cock pictures, and steroids? Do you suspect Game is on the down low?