The Life and Career of Marie Osmond – The Movie

Is Hollyweird trying to convince Marie Osmond to commit suicide?  Everyone knows that her struggle to remain relevant is almost as painful as the ass beatings she got from her ex, Brian Blosil.  Showbiz producers are trying to reignite Osmond’s fan interest with TV movie- The Life and Career of Marie Osmond.  Instead of focusing on Marie’s impeccable art of song and dance, the movie will focus mainly on her struggle to overcome domestic violence.

Author, Randy Jernigan is digging up all the tea on her failed 2nd marriage to producer husband Brian Blosil.  Brian whipped Marie’s ass for 21 sad years.  The book features some pretty painful and humiliating events.  The movie will show the scandal behind Tinseltown’s sparkly lenses.  The violence cover up nearly cost Marie Osmond her life.

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Marie, and Brian were married from 1986 – 2007.  They had 7 children, and wealth beyond your imagination.  Brian Blosil wanted to become a rock legend, and music producer.  His jealousy turned violent when he realized he wasn’t nearly as talented as Marie.  These hoes ain’t loyal.  When Brian discovered Marie was still smashing her ex Steve Craig (whom she eventually re-married), he smashed her face in, and pushed her down a flight of stairs.  Marie’s body was badly battered and bruised.  Her wrist was broken from the fall.

Marie Osmond is already old, and unpopular.  Will The Life and Career of Marie Osmond send her into another mental meltdown?  Marie’s son Michael witnessed too much and committed suicide.  On the 5 Year anniversary of his death, Marie freaked out!  She was admitted to a mental hospital for depression, and exhaustion.  Insiders are afraid the movie will flare miserable memories for Osmond.  Hopefully it doesn’t prompt a suicide mission.  Will you watch The Life and Career of Marie Osmond?