The man who filmed Eric Garner Death Gets 4 Years in prison

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Ramsey Orta’s life hasn’t been the same since whipping out his cell phone, and filming the death of Eric Garner. He’s haunted by his dreams, and suspects the NYPD is out to get him.

“I only exposed something that’s been going on for years. And you know, I’ve kind of got everybody pulling out their cameras and filming police brutality around the world,” he told Huffington Post from a secret Las Vegas hide-out. Since filming the gruesome attack, Ortega has been continuously arrested on bogus charges.  His girlfriend predicts the moon is the safest place to avoid retaliation.  Cops tried to poison him with rat bait in a Riker’s Island jail cell.  Ramsey is suing the state for millions, but they may kill him before he receives financial payout.  Go to Huffington Post to read how pigs set him up, and destroyed his life.

WeCopwatch has launched a new Facebook page that will provide updates on Ramsey Orta’s situation and information on how supporters can help him directly. The group will post Orta’s mailing address once he is housed in prison. Until then you can donate to his PayPal and get regular updates of how he is and what he needs at the Support Ramsey Orta Facebook page.

He is the only person from this murderous incident forced to do time in jail.