How Did Britney Spears Meet Charlie Ebersol?

The quicker Britney Spears finds a husband, the quicker she can ditch her dad’s controlling conservatorship.  Charlie Ebersol isn’t some random waiter at your local diner.  His dad is NBC sports chief, Dick Ebersol.  Charlie was still unable to escape the strong law of Jamie Spears showmance contract.  The confidentiality agreement, and background check made Brit Brit afraid Charlie would run away.  After all, that is what ruined Kendall Jenner’s showmance with Harry Styles.  Charlie Ebersol passed the test with flying colors.  Now he’s stroking America’s Dream booty to smithereens, while we’re stuck masturbating.

Britney doesn’t have many friends outside the industry.  Her family even respects her like an alien celebrity.  How on earth could Britney make time between Vegas shows, and popping diet pills, to meet a new man?  She turned to The Millionaire Matchmaker!  Patti Stanger told everybody how Spears was all desperate for a new love pet.

'This guy...': Britney posted another snap of her with new beau Charlie Ebersol on Monday 

Michael Strahan tried, but Britney Spears is no Kardashian.    She requested somebody  responsible and mature.  She paid Patti very well to provide her, with a group of potential pre screened candidates.  Is Charlie destined to take a backseat to Spears fame, and fans? 4 ever ever?