TI Headed Back To Jail – He Beat Tiny Ass

ATLANTA — “She told him Floyd was a champ in the ring AND the bedroom; He asked how’d she know? She told him” Said an officer on site who took TI into custody following the domestic dispute. Rapper TI was arrested early this morning after a call was placed to an Atlanta Police Department by his wife Tiny alleging that the platinum rapper put hands on her. “We were expecting to end up in Bankhead according to his music, but instead we arrived at a nice gated community” Said a 911 responder who happens to be a big fan of TI and actually believed everything he says in his songs. “I’ve never seen a light skin n*gga with so much rage” A restraining order has been placed against the rapper while the source of Tiny’s bruises are investigated; Meanwhile TI will be released on bail and living at an old trap house in Bankhead where he says he will feel right at home. -CreamBMP

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