TI Rejected – Tiny Moves On With Money Mayweather – Video

TI & Tiny have been fighting divorce rumors for years now.  Although she scraped him up from the hood, and invested in his rap vision – Clifford continuously cheated on Tameka.  The embarrassment grew unbearable.  Even after baby Heiress was born, social media accused Tip of impregnating some insta-thot.  The temptation is overwhelming, and TI just can’t seem to keep his pickle in his pants.  Fans forget that Tiny is super talented her damn self.  She backed away from the spotlight to let TI do his thing.  It’s okay, her checks from writing Destiny Child’s album, will keep her ancestors well fed for life.

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Tiny surprised us, and her family, when she dropped What The Fuck You Gone Do, in the midst of one of her & Tip’s countless separations.  The lyrics were like:

Really? You ain’t thinkin’
Boy, tell me how you sleep at night
Cause you had me lonely, and you know that
If you knew what’s good, you would do right
I was on that shit like “I’mma be his ride or die”
I’ll show you what it feels like
To be on the other side of the gun

Clifford hurry up and reconciled.  He despises his wife in the limelight. He prefers Tiny be in his shadows, raising the family. Fans nearly has a heart attack when Tiny put her post baby body on blast at Mariah Carey’s Halloween bash.  Especially because she posed for photos with Tip’s arch nemesis, Floyd Money Mayweather.  Mayweather has more money, more clout, and a much better body, than old ungrateful ass TI.  Remember when Tip and Mayweather had a fight over Tiny?  Anywho… Tiny claims it was ‘just a picture.’  Now somebody leaked video  footage of Tiny grinding all over Mayweather.  Did they attend Mariah’s party as a couple or not?  If your man wasn’t treating you right, would you keep a boss like Money Mayweather on the sideline?

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