Tiffany Pollard Remembers Real #VH1 Reality Star Dead At 33

Tiffany “Miss New York” Pollard took time to reflect on Ahmad Givens untimely death.  VH1’s, I Love New York, made Real, and his brother, Chance (Kamal Givens), household names.  At the tender age of 33, Real died after struggling with a long battle fighting colon cancer.

Remember when we took this picture Chance I just wanna say that I love both of you all the good times we had you know where you stand with me Chance and I miss you and R.I.P Real I miss you And I love you with all my heart keep your head up Chance baby OK I Love You

Real tried explaining what it felt like to be diagnosed with a deadly cancer:

“That day was very surreal. I felt like I was dreaming,” Givens said in a interview at the New York Life 2014 National Cultural Markets Conference last year. “It felt unreal all the way up until I had to do chemo.”

“I remember I was laying on the hospital bed and the doctor came in crying and when I saw her crying I knew it was something serious,” he said of the moments before he was informed that he had stage 4 colon cancer that had spread to his liver. “My doctors thought I had, like, three days to live so they just zapped me with chemo. I left out of there with my veins burning and everything.” People