Tiger Woods Is Kate Upton Cat Daddy – Video

Lindsey Vonn’s Olympic Skiing days are a thing of the past.  Her leg is crippled, and her vagina is too.  Since she won’t have Tiger Woods baby, he’s set his eyes on a new prize.  Kate Upton has women hating, and men beating their meat all over the world.  Tiger Woods crush has developed into a desperate obsession.  Vonn cannot convince Tiger to put a ring on it.  Woods is determined to marry his dream girl, and he wants a famous sex symbol.

Sources say he’s determined to fork Kate.  If she gives him a chance, he’d never make her wait as long as Lindsey.  Kate is rich, blonde, and in demand.  Tiger’s career is tainted- no matter what he does.  He figures- why waste his fame and fortune on a basic bitch?  We heard Tiger is a beast in the bedroom, and has more horsepower than a new Bugatti.  Justin Verlander can’t handle Kate’s thick juicy body.

We saw Kate Upton do the Cat Daddy dance.  We can’t blame Tiger.