Elin Nordegren Takes Tiger Woods Back #NoTiffneyCambridge

Everyone makes mistakes, but we’ve never seen a white woman whoop her man’s ass for cheating like Elin Nordegren.  Just like Chris Brown, and Ray Rice- Nordegren exploded when she learned her husband sucked prostitute poochie.  Tiger Woods career is in the toilet.  Lindsey Vonn dumped him for refusing to marry,and start a family.  Hollyweird Starbucks whispers claim Tiger Woods has never fallen out of love with Elin.  He regrets destroying the family with sunny lust for temptation.  Will Elin Nordegren take her sorry golfing, limp stick, baby daddy back?  Is Elin Tiger Woods’ good luck charm?

According Paddy Power, Elin is the 7/1 to be Woods’ next girlfriend.