Tina Knowles Reveals Divorce Secrets Growing Up Poor And Finding Love Again Video

All we know about Miss Tina is that she does hair, and is the thick yella bone who gave birth to Queen B.  Why did she forgive Matt for Kelly Rowland?  Does she ever get to see Blue Ivy?  Why did Solange Knowles put them paws on Jay Z?

Since Beyonce snatched the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award, they chose Yonce momma to speak at the Texas Women’s Empowerment Foundation 8th Annual Women & Money Leadership luncheon.  Either Miss Tina was filled with Tequila, or just felt like clearing her chest.  Tina shared her pain.  The audience was stunned.   Tina Knowles revealed her struggles of enduring a public divorce, and the joys of reclaiming her identity.  Will YOU ever find true love again?

 “I became a warrior at 5. I refused to let them take my spirit. I decided I would never let anyone decide who I was,” she bragged about being the youngest of a very poor family.  

Her ego was ripped when she discovered Mathew was untrue.  A 60 something year old ninja, with newborn babies.  “I hear that my ex-husband is getting married. Now, this is my family. My ex-husband is my family. I don’t want to get back into that at all, that’s not what I want. But it still hurts a little bit, right? It’s still a blow to your ego.”

Don’t go feeling sad now.  Tina Knowles has a bomb ass new relationship, and looks that rival any young Hollyweird thot.  Tina Knowles reveals her family background, fighting low self esteem, and how Mathew Knowles embarrassed the fork out of her, in the video below (4:30).