Tinashe Sucking DJ Mustard Cock #Aquarius #10Summers

Tinashe may resemble your average ‘one hitta-quitta’, but she learned from Miss Molly popping Cyrus.  Smashing Mike Will Made It did wonders for Miley’s career.  Tinashe has fallen for the chubby Dodger, and hit maker- DJ Mustard.  Mustard is only 24, but has scored MEGA hits for Rih, YG, and Trey Songz.  When Tinashe hit the scene, everybody begged for a taste.  Lil Wayne still tries to flirt with R&B’s newest thot on social media.  Tinashe didn’t want a baby daddy like Lauren London, and Nivea.  She wanted a #1 single, like Tyga and 2 Chainz.

“There was a point where a third to a half of our playlist was produced by DJ Mustard,” said Emmanuel Coquia, music director at Power 106-FM, (L.A. hip-hop station) told LATIMES.  “His sound is the sound of Power 106, and the sound of hip-hop right now.”

Music executives know DJ Mustard is too talented.  They didn’t know Tinashe was willing to twerk with no panties for her a hit record.  

‘2 On’ put Tinashe smack dead in the mix- where she deserved to be.  

“The fact that I was the first female on a DJ Mustard beat was a big deal,” she said. Drizzy eventually hopped on the remix, and Tinashe’s eager kitten.

“I tried to make it sound different from everything else he’s done. It’s an intimidating beat to write to. It is so simple and repetitive, and I think that’s why it started in a rap space,” she added. “You wouldn’t expect it to go to the places it did.”  

DJ Mustard

We joined Tinashe at Hollywood’s SupperClub for her album’s release.  Guess who was there with his fingers in her poochie under her skirt?