Tip Harris Finally Responds To Insensitive Jokes About His Wife Tiny

Idgaf if you don’t like Tameka. She don’t either. You can call her ugly, you can call her Miss Piggy, you can do whatever tf you wanna do but at the end of the day she stole my heart something that a lot of ya’ll hoes wish you had but I keep quiet. ‘Cause half of ya’ll not cute but ya’ll love to talk shit bout her. If me & Tameka wasn’t together, what makes you think imma be with you ? I ain’t trynna ruin my fandom but ya’ll gotta chill. Bitches on Instagram be like “T.I. Bae, but Tiny ugly ass needa gone” Tiny ugly ass be fucking the shit outta me while you sitting on here dreaming & hating she one thing ion fucking play about & ya’ll getting too wild with that shit. Ya’ll swear up & down I’m ya’ll favorite rapper but wanna disrespect my wife/babymama , why ? I’m a real nigga, that shit will never slide with me – T.I. #GrandHustle