Tori Spelling Preggie Again

Now the wait at the food stamp office will be even longer.  Tori Spelling never had to work so tirelessly to remain relevant.  Dean McDermott is locked in a Hollyweird showmance contract more bloody than Folsom State Prison.  Movie executives slammed her Mystery Girls attempt with frenemy, Jennie Garth.  They labeled the show corny, and desperate.  Since the industry doesn’t appreciate REAL talent nowadays, Tori along with Kendra Wilkinson was obligated to get pregnant with her 5th kid.

Hollywood’s original rich kid,  Tori Spelling gets what she wants.

It’s an ObamaCare bombshell everybody told The ENQUIRER. “They love their four children and believe a new baby in the New Year will bring them closer together.”  The couple began forking uncontrollably.  The drugs make them horny, and Spelling will do ANYTHING for fame.

“Sometimes it seems their love of kids is the one thing they have in common,” rumors claim.

“Dean’s warmed to the idea of having another kid. He realizes how much he’s hurt Tori, and now wants to make her happy. He feels she’s due.”

Candy had to let them borrow $60,000.  According to an insider at the WIC office, Tori is officially pregnant, and filming every moment for reality TV.  Spelling needs the cash, but the fame is way more important.