Bruce Jenner Diane Sawyer Interview – Date Details and Tea

Embedded image permalinkBruce Jenner really hates Kris.  The Kardashian sluts can wear midriff  baring tops to church on Easter Sunday all they want.  The Jenner girls’ dad, is officially there mom now.

Flea MZ Reports
Diane Sawyer’s two hour interview — titled “Bruce Jenner — The Interview”– will air April 24th, the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. We’re told the women will be in Armenia, although for some reason they’re saying the visit isn’t tied to the anniversary.-

We heard Sawyer’s interview is intimate and will bring you to tears.  His story is compelling. How many married men with kids secretly want to become a woman?  Bruce is being paid top dollar to reveal everything from the wigs,to his addiction to Victoria Secret underwear.  He also will confess to  identifying as a woman in his early years. We personally think Jenner should have aired his bloody tampons on PaperView.  Are you watching?  More so, will this coming out party help? or hurt? the Kardashian brand.  Will Bruce Jenner in drag?  Kris Jenner is drowning her embarrassment in black cock semen, and expensive wine.