Who Is The Bigger Ho? Kim Kardashian vs Amber Rose

Hollyweird is bonkers with gays, whores, and transgenders.  Kimye has taken over the world despite their lack of talent.  Wiz Khalifa dumped Amber Rose regardless of  the strain it put on their toddler son.  The main reason Amber is salty is because Kim Kardashian was forking Kanye West while she was engaged to Reggie Bush. Yeezy was jet setting around the world promoting his best work –My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy – with his bald headed muse, Amber Rose.  In walks Kylie Jenner. The youngest Kardashian slut stole Kim’s best friend’s, Blac Chyna’s, man- Tyga.

Now everyone is bickering on social media.  OJ Simpson’s daughter, Khloe Kardashian even got involved.  Now that Kendall Jenner’s dad is officially her mother, we have one burning question:

Who is the bigger whore?  Kim Kardashian?  Or Amber Rose?


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