Tyga Lil Durk Beef- Somebody Chain Got Snatched

Everybody is throwing shots at Tyga since discovering he’s been hired as Kanye West ghost writer.  Did you know all the Lil Durk hip hop beef started over Tyga’s baby mama (fiance), Blac Chyna?  Lil Durk did a song exposing Chyna’s Kardashian-ish ways.  Tyga grew very offended.   Lil Durk refused to change the raunchy lyrics unless Tyga agreed to do a song with him.  Tyga agreed.  Lil Durk is hungry, but pissed with the Rich Gang affiliate for acting funny once he got his money up.  Durk removed the lyrics, but Tyga told him to swerve when it came to a collaboration,.   Durk said he stopped answering all his calls and texts.


Lil Durk snatched the crown for XXL Freshman, so he’s confident and brimming with swag.  Next thing you know, diss record, Chiraq, was born.

Tyga bounced back quicker than a celebrity after having a baby.  Chiraq LA is nuts.  We were surprised to hear Game featured going HAM!

The camp later spoke on the mystery of Game’s involvement in the beef. “Game is trying to get a buzz off of us. We ain’t gon to feed into that. We gon drop our single and our album. He might get a response on the album. Everybody gonna have to wait and see. Durk don’t acknowledge Game; he’s wondering where Game came from. They say Tyga paid him to get on the track. He can’t handle that by himself.” (XXL Mag)

Well the beef just got real.  Hood insiders claim Lil Durk snatched Tyga’ chain.  Do you believe them?

Photo: this what sneak dissing an diss shit get u this what can get taken from you