Typecast King – Tyrone Power – Man Myth & Movie Idol

Tyrone Power  was the first  Macaulay Culkin and Steve Urkel.  He was 22 when he had his  biggest hit- Lloyd’s of London.  Power was the king of Hollyweird.  His incredible looks, and confident swag made thots panties wet.  He was extremely handsome, and talented.  Tyrone Power cemented his name, hands, and feet in Grauman’s Chinese Theater moments after being discovered.  Power joined the A List with his biggest, and ONLY success.  That’s where the tragedy lies.  His rapid accomplishment overwhelmed Tinseltown.  Despite his enormous talent, he never had another hit.

Tyrone Power was to Mickey Rooney, what Brad Pitt is to George Clooney.  Power’s whole family breathed theater, so the pressure was enormous.  They pushed him to demand meatier roles.  Power was so dedicated to his craft, he died on a Los Angeles film set.   The Rains Came, and Jesse James kept his pockets swollen, but being a super star wasn’t fulfilling enough.

“He said many times, he became a movie star long before he became an actor. So he sort of hit the jackpot at a very early age and instead of just riding the roller coaster, he kept trying to get better and better and better and really put a lot of work into it. I really respect him for that,” Cocoon  (son) admitted.  Even though his daughter, Taryn Power, basked in California’s glow with him- she named her book Searching For My Father, Tyrone Power.  

Movie producers decided to take a guilt trip down memory lane.  We’re giving him a party for his 100th birthday at the famous Hollywood Museum.  We collected a few costumes, and the tea on his 3 marriages, and 3 kids.  Now you can get a deeper insight into life of the most typecast actor of all time.   “That’s because of his looks and the fact that a lot of the critics were men — some of them were jealous,” Maria Ciaccia (Movie Memories) said.