Unbothered.com – Brandi Glanville Has Her Own Wine #UnfilteredBlonde

Fans refuse to forgive LeAnn Rimes.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star announced that yet another Real Housewivese is on the way, and Unfiltered couldn’t have come up with a better name for Brandi Glanville’s new Sonoma County Chardonnay: Unfiltered Blonde will debut in April at Fleming’s Steakhouse in Beverly Hills. “This wine has been in production for over a year,” Glanville told Unfiltered. “I wanted it to be perfect, and it is! I’ve worked very hard and been a part of every aspect in the making [and] I can’t wait to share this Chardonnay with the world.” The initial run of 500 cases of the 2013 vintage will be priced at about $15 a bottle at retail and are made in partnership with Tyson and Jenni Rippey of the Vintners Group. “Brandi has a great sense of humor … [Unfiltered Blonde] is a wine for people that say what’s on their mind,” Tyson said. “And it’s a wine that speaks its mind, as true Sonoma Coast Chardonnay should.” We at Unfiltered were initially concerned that Real Housewives and the natural-wine movement would have few common fans, but fear not: Unfiltered Blonde Chardonnay is in fact 100 percent filtered. – winespectator.com

Brandi has been winning every since her Ex hubby, Eddie Cibrian, ditched his vows.  All the therapy, and rehab may actually be working.  The kids love Rimes, but Eddie’s career is Bobbi Kristina.  Meanwhile Brandi Glanville is dragging the show on, like a true Hollyweird star.

“Everyone knows how much I love my wine, so when I was approached to do a wine of my own, I thought it was a perfect fit,” Glanville told Us Weekly.