USC Professor Busted For Child Sex Gets Slap On The Wrist

Does money, and influence affect criminals’ sentencing?  Walter Lee Williams, a former USC professor, confessed to forking boy booty.  He used the internet to hunt poor, Asian kids.  Money, and time, convinced Innocent boys to have webcam sex.  Walter Lee had enough kiddie porn to fill the Staples Center. Indictments allege he had at least 10 victims.  His passport stamps to Southeast Asia suggest hundreds of victims.

Don’t worry.  Williams is way too white, and sophisticated to suffer consequences.  It’s not like he was fighting pit bulls, or something.  The award winning author will be out in no time.  He may even get ‘mansion arrest’ if the joint’s to crowded.

LATimes Reports

As part of a plea, federal prosecutors agreed to recommend that the onetime eminent professor of gender and sexuality studies serve no more than five years in a federal prison. He also would be subject to 10 years supervision upon release and must pay $25,000 in restitution to his seven victims. 

For the record: Michael Vick was sentenced to 23 months in prison, and a $250,000 fine.