Brazil Government Busted Stealing Organs From Unidentified Dead Bodies

Vera Lucia Marchioro drug her feet to the morgue after her son Luiz, came up missing.  She had tiny hope. The corpse that MAY have been him didn’t have any tattoos, according to the employee.  Luiz had several tatts, so Lucia painstakingly floated to 5 other government run morgues.  After running in circles for months, grief stricken Vera wound up at the initial Sao Paulo morgue.  She was forced to identify his body by a tattoo on his arm.  What’s worst?  Luiz’ body had supposedly already been buried in an unmarked grave.

LATimes- “From what [morgue employees] have told me up until today, I don’t know what I should believe,” Marchioro said recently.

Government officials say they don’t know how many people without identification are buried each year in Sao Paulo. In the last 15 years, the bodies of 3,000 people who had identifying documents were buried in unmarked graves here, according to the state’s missing persons program.

The problem is, cameras busted ‘Forensic’ Institute Morgues, with dead bodies dangling on a metal table.  Either all the corpse refrigerators were occupied, or scientist were extracting the bodies’ vital organs to sell.  Maybe there is no dignity for the dead.  Exposed dead bodies can cause horrendous health risk for Sao Paulo citizens too.

Vera Lucia Marchioro wants answers.  Why didn’t the morgue employees show her pictures of her son’s tattoos?  Why did they bury Luiz in Perus, (a mass grave commentary) 19 whole days after his body was found, when the standard is 72 hours?    What happened to his body the extra 16 days?

Police are pretending to investigate whether organs were illegally taken from the unidentified bodies, and sold for medical research.  Most weird, officials have refused to allow Marchioro exhume her son’s body, and transfer it to his family’s plot.  Remember what happened to Kendrick Johnson?