Vera Wang Quits Fashion Week

Vera Wang probably won’t  support Oprah anymore.   Simone Kelly-Brown of Own Your Power Communications, is suing Oprah over Winfrey’s use of the term “Own Your Power” .  They’ve dragged Vera into the mess with a nasty subpoena, and now she may have to miss the upcoming Valentine fashion show. RadarOnline spilled the document details.

“I have a limited recollection of the event,” the designer says in the documents.  I have attended numerous other similar events during the course of my career, making it difficult to distinguish between them.  I am currently working seven days per week to prepare for the Fashion Runway Show in New York beginning February 11, which is a major fashion industry event. My schedule will remain extremely hectic thereafter.”

Wang attends millions of industry events.  She’s unsure why Kelly- Brown is so thirsty.  Not only do the court dates conflict with Vera’s fashion show, but Vera claims to not know anything about Oprah owning anyone’s power.  Vera Wang loves Oprah, but she won’t deny her craft for anyone.  If this dumb court chaos tricks Wang’s opportunity to work fashion week, Oprah can kiss their socializing goodbye.

Wang isn’t embarrassed or apologetic.  Wang insists, “Sitting for a deposition would create a tremendous burden for me and the business of Vera Wang Bridal House. Based on my review of the subject matter of the subpoena, I am certain that I have nothing relevant to add to the dispute between the parties.”