Video- Who Is Jamie Lynn Spears Real Baby Daddy? #WhenTheLightsGoOut

Fans were left scratching our heads when Britney Spears baby sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, wound up pregnant at 16. Jamie Lynn was the star on Nickelodeon’s hit Zoey 101, when her entertainment career took a drastic turn. Hollyweird chatter blamed Britney for Jamie Lynn’s baby, and labeled their parents irresponsible. Britney’s fame stole everyone’s focus. Zoey Brooks was away on set with Dan Schneider in Malibu. Jamie Lynn was only a kid, but loved imitating her older sisters’ raunchy behavior, and slutty friends.  At 16, she was easily impressed, and desperate for fame.

Why Jamie Lynn Spears? Because popular opinion on the Internet is that Dan Schneider is actually the father of Spears’ child, owing to her time on two Dan Schneider shows, Zooey 101 and All That. That’s not even the worst of it. Some suggests that Amanda Bynes’ behavior can be attributed to alleged sexual abuse from Schneider, and that he regularly sleeps with the child stars on his television shows and that the parents look the other way because they don’t want to risk the careers — and the money entailed — of their children.- Pajiba Reports

Rumors claim Casey Aldridge was paid to be the fall guy, and act as Maddie Spears dad.  Jamie Lynn ran back to Louisiana, and shunned the limelight…until now.  When The Lights Go Out, a TLC special, will allow Jamie Lynn Spears to tell her side of the story.  Will Jamie Lynn let Maddie join Hollywood, and work with Dan Schneider?

Mom life: Jamie Lynn is now mother to daughter Maddie, who turns eight next month