Video: Kim Kardashian Spends New Year Bored Crazy With Kanye West – Page 1 of 365

In 2010 Kim Kardashian was smashing Ye on the down low.  She spent New Year’s Eve with her family turnt at Tao in Las Vegas.  Hollyweird insiders claim that even way back then, Tao was paying Kimmy nearly ONE MILLION $$ for four hours.  She wore a glittery Marilyn Monroe- like dress to showcase her cellulite filled curves.

By December 2011, Kim, and her big juicy booty, were still demanding big bucks.  She drug Kris Jenner back to Tao to kiss the year goodbye.  Kardashian may have rocked a new weave, but her ass & titts were on fleek for the world to see.  Kim Kardashian left Kris Humphries feeling so awkward.

Kim was engaged to Kris, married to Kris, and divorced from Kris -before he could stop her for putting her popular ‘cock on the block’.

By the time New Year’s 2012, Kanye West popped a baby in the hairy Armenian.  You could feel the excitement from the New Year’s Eve bash at 1 OAK Las Vegas ( The Mirage Hotel & Casino) all the way in Hollyweird.  She was pregnant, but STILL turnt up to slay the red carpet with baby daddy, Yeezus.

pregnant kim kardashian

Kanye  is always hating on Kim’s fans, and obsessive sharing on social media.  We know Ye a buzz kill, but can you really make a HOE a housewife?  Normally Kim’s holidays are fun.  This New Year’s tho…