Trump on Mass Deportation: ‘We’re Going to Get Them the Hell Out of Our Country’

ClintonDonald Trump said on “The O’Reilly Factor” tonight that illegal immigration is out of control in the U.S., and we must crack down on people who are in the country illegally.

“We have no laws anymore. We have no order. We don’t even know how many people are in here illegally,” Trump said.

Bill O’Reilly pressed the Republican presidential front-runner about his controversial vow to deport illegal immigrants en masse.

Trump insisted that we have no choice if we want to save the country. He pointed out that many criminals and violent gang members are illegal immigrants.

“These are tough dudes,” Trump said. “If I’m elected, they’re going to be out of here day one. We’re going to get them the hell out of our country. They’re going to be out so fast your head will spin.”

“What’s happening to this country is very sad, and we’re a laughing stock all over the world.”

Watch the “Factor” interview HERE.