Tiffney Cambridge Officially Single Game Does Not Want Reunion – What Happened?

We had spies on deck at Tiffney Cambridge sip & shop at Shaneen’s boutique in 3rd Ward Texas.   She was there to promote her book, The Little Girl Who Lost Her Smile.  They say she was super fit- signing autographs behind her shattered confidence.  The book is cool, but we’re trying to peep the tea on the showmance with her baby daddy, The Game.  Fans can stop waiting on the reunion, and reconciliation.  It is not happening.


Tiffney was devastated by the break up.  She knew Jayceon Taylor before his rap ego.  How was she supposed to guess he’d be inducted into the Illuminati?  As their kids grew, so did Game’s lust for fast women, expensive cars, and Hollyweird limelight.  Our snitch pretended to be interested in the book, just to hear Tiffney confess:

“Jayceon is a great father, but far from the man I dreamed of marrying.”

Game gets in his feelings when he’s drunk, and begs Tiffney to hook back up.  She has moved on and pushed forward despite the negative affect it has on their children.  She’s still healing from the devastation of falling in love with a ninja who chose showbiz over family.  Just when she thinks she’s maybe made a mistake- Game picks a fight on the basketball court, or parties with freaks like Chantel Jeffries (Bieber, Tyga, and Mayweather thot.  Draya Michele homegirl).

Tiffney Cambridge lives in Cali, but holds strong  to her southern values.  Her mistake is actually loving Jayceon Taylor for real – in real life.  She doesn’t have the fame agenda like Karrueche Tran, or Christina Milian.  You can’t have an ‘on break’ baby on Tiff, like Ludacris or Dwyane Wade.    Cambridge is not an Instagram thodel like India Westbrooks.  She’s an educator.  She walked away from designer labels, and tropical vacations.  She ain’t about that life like Cassie Ventura.

Watch the videos below showcasing Game’s new life, now that Tiffney isn’t weighing him down.  Tell us if you think Game give 0 fukks in the comments below.