Violence Arouses Beyonce – Video Proof

We understand they’re On The Run, but was it really necessary to flash Justin Bieber’s mugshot as a fallen great?  Snitches claim Beyonce, and Jay Z are not together, regardless of the showmance we may see.  “They’ll live practically separate lives although they will be sharing the stage,” sources spilled to

“Tensions between them are worse than ever. They will travel between venues independently, stay in different hotel suites and even have separate entourages. They’ll also have individual dressing rooms, so they will be together only during their performance.   Both of them have been dreading the tour. Cancelling wasn’t an option, so it will be business on the surface but they’re struggling with trust issues after the spate of cheating allegations,” added the snitch.

King B will not allow anything to stop her dollars.  Jesse Lawrence said the tour is on pace to be “the second most successful tour of all time Kanye voice based on gross revenue per show,” behind band U2’s “360” tour.  Jay Z may have a secret son, and smack her around sometimes, but she loves it.  Could this explain the strange choke rings around her neck, and Solange’s domestic abuse allegations?  People have been kissing Beyonce’s ass her entire life.  When she says jump- they say how high?  She’s such a dominating entertainment force.  She appreciates Jay Z for ho-checking her, and bringing her down.  It’s the only way she feels normal.  Lots of people get physical pleasures from pain.  People in powerful positions particularly crave to finally be submissive.  It’s actually relieving when Jigga beats her ass.

In the video below, Beyonce admits that anger arouses her competitively (32).