USC Trojans – University of South Central

We’re currently searching for a hit & run driver in North Hollyweird.  A Mercedes Benz S- 600 slammed into an old lady, as she pushed her shopping cart home from the .99 Cents Store.  Nobody’s snitching about the teens who got shot up after the San Pedro vs Banning High School football game.  ‘Hell A’ is home to gang-bangers, & illegal aliens- decorated with vast oceans, and palm trees.  USC is one of the most prestigious college universities in the world.  You literally have to be a foreign exchange student, or famous to get in.  The ratchet neighborhood is where the botched plastic surgery lies.

The Trojan’s home is walking distance from downtown Los Angeles.  The sprawling campus is illuminated with expensive sports cars, designer clothes, and beautiful people on Beach Cruisers.  The neighborhood surrounding the elite university is littered with crack heads, prostitutes, and dope pushers.  Just ask former professor, Walter Lee Williams.   He was caught buying online little, boy  booty- but given less than 2 years in the slammer.  Then Brandon Spencer got too turnt at a campus Holloween Party, and ended up with 40 years in prison.  Him, and a gang rival, were apparently fighting over a bitch.  2 Chinese Trojans were murdered before this happened.  Recently, Xinran Ji, was beaten to death with a baseball bat, walking home from a study group.  Is UCLA for the pricks, and prettys?  USC may be more exclusive, but UCLA is in a better area.

“While the risk of such an episode on campus is very low, it reminds all of us that we must look out for ourselves and be particularly vigilant about the personal safety of friends and guests at our social events,” USC President C.L. Max Nikias said.


If you’re considering visiting the USC Campus, don’t come around here wearing red, or blue.  More so, stay ON the campus, and away from shifty fast food vendors.  #3 USC Campus Police are ex- marines, and army veterans.  So please keep your Notre Dame Stanford  gear to a minimum.  Fight On!