We Know Why Solange Beat Up Jay Z- Solange Explains


Jay Z felt as though he had to train Beyonce, and aside from being verbally and emotionally abusive, he also became physically abusive with her as well. I’m not talking about a push, or a choke, I mean coming across her jaw as if he was hitting a man. Beyonce didn’t tell a soul that Jay Z was abusing her because she feared her family would tell her to leave him and she’d fallen deep in love with him. But, a mother always knows when something is wrong and one day Tina questioned Beyonce and she just broke down to her and admitted the abuse. Tina told Beyonce that part of being a lady is understanding your man and being there for him to make him a better man; basically, she told Beyonce that what Jay Z was doing happens to everyone. But, Mathew, refusing to share the same sentiment, told Jay Z that if he ever laid a finger on Beyonce again he’d kill him…shoot him dead. Jay Z, not nearly as hard as he’s portrayed himself to be, cowered like a baby, and vowed that he would never touch her again…he knew Mathew meant business.- LipStickAlley