We Told You Kris Jenner Show Would Be Cancelled The First Day It Aired

Although the camera loves Kris Jenner, she fell flat within the first five minutes with her boring prolonged story about the birth of Nori West. Had North been born later, or her show’s debut would have premiered earlier, this corny opening may have worked. But it failed – Kris trembled and squinted at the cue cards, but it was not funny enough.  The show is starving for new writers that want Kris to win instead of wanting her money.

The chef feature was completely unnecessary. Viewers likely expected a better guest than “Hollywood Exes” belly dancer and ex-wife of Prince, Mayte Garcia. It would have been better if she featured a bigger star, or brought attention to a relevant cause. “Kris,” a one-hour program, runs for six weeks on select FOX stations.

CelebDirtyLaundry (Hollywood Times)