Western Washington Vampire University

“How do we make sure that in the future, we are not as white, as we are today?”  Hip Hop trust fund kids were shocked when reading the campus daily newsletter.  President Bruce Shepard of Western Washington University isn’t afraid of Ebola.  He feels horrible for  Mike Brown, and Trayvon Martin’s family.  Bruce Shepard loves Barack, and even took a course in learning to Dougie.  

The university is so white, they had to install Tom Ford medal detectors.  We know a skater who admits receiving free prescription medication from a student doctor at  Western Washington.  The school considers itself a failure for being “too white.”  Most Vikings claim Seattle, but the campus is in Bellingham.  Since 1497 of the 1500 student population is white-  the institution is begging Ninjas, and Mexicans  to come.  Native Americans, and Asians have received tuition lotteries in the mail.

We heard Vampires live in Washington.  That could be what’s keeping all the brown people away.