What Did Eddie Cibrian Buy LeAnn Rimes For Christmas? Video

LeAnn Rimes must be really happy in her marriage to Eddie Cibrian.  She’s gotten fat.  LeAnn can’t step on a dime, and make a quarter yet- but she can’t fit her engagement ring Eddie gave her in 2010.  It doesn’t take an expert to see that LeAnn has gained at least 30 pounds since she first ripped Eddie from Brandi Glanville.

LeAnn Rimes refused to accept the weight gain, but her pride wouldn’t allow her to have the 5 karat stunner resized.  The ring got so snug, she considered using it as a necklace pendant.  Did you notice how her ring was always obviously absent recently?  Right before Christmas, Rimes bragged on twitter about her new ring from Eddie.  Don’t believe the hype.  Cibrian bought the ring because she could not fit the old one, and he didn’t want her to feel insecure.

LeAnn Rimes Cibrian ‏@leannrimes11 Dec

I just got the most wonderful early Christmas gift from my sweet hubby.


You get a flash of the ring in the video below.