What Eligible Hollywood Bachelor Has Sharon Stone All Hot And Bothered?

Gerard Butler makes Sharon Stone’s Depends soggy.   TMZ was right when suggesting he’d ‘fork your mother’, because rumors claim he’s smashing Sharon Stone.  Sharon may be old, but her kitten is young.  Sources claim she’s desperately trying to hook Gerard with her Basic Instinct moves, and senior citizen discounts.

Butler is a man-whore.  Sharon doesn’t care, she’s not looking for a relationship.  She just needs somebody to knock the dust off that lonely cougar in  her skirt.  Insiders say they flirted hard at a party, and Gerard kept telling Sharon how Basic Instinct  was his favorite movie, and her pantiless interrogation scene was his favorite part.   He nearly erupted in his trousers when Sharon slid him her number.

What do you think?  Could Gerard be Sharon Stone’s Hollyweird comeback?  Is the age difference gross, or sexy?