What Happened To Bubbles The Monkey?

Zoothanasia is apparently more popular than twerking.  Copenhagen Zoo is using Aaron Hernandez like tactics to manage the facilities’ population.  Marius was just a 2 year old baby.  They fed the giraffe stale rye bread, but popped his melon while he ate.  Vicious veterinarians, and animal officials justified the killing.  Marius could not be bred.  His genes weren’t good enough.  A zoo transfer would cause inbreeding.

According to Gerald Dick, executive director of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums, for many zoos this is business as usual. Putting down animals “is always the last resort,” says Dick. “It’s all about population management. In America euthanasia occurs less often. It caught so much attention because they were lions and giraffes – People


Did they have to feed Marius to a batch of hungry lions for a group of  school kids to watch?  Do you really love animals?   Was it necessary for Danish zoo officials to also murder 2 cubs, and 2 lions-  in the same manner?