What Makes A Parent Murder Their Own Child

“Perdoname!”Luiz Fuentes begged God, and the people of the court’s forgiveness for fatally stabbing his 3 young sons.  Pedophile producers, and Sunset’s sinisters were even appalled.  What would possess a father to kill his own sons, and try to commit suicide? The boys — 10, 9 and 8 — were found stabbed to death  in the back seat of the family car they lived in.

We aren’t making excuses for Luiz,  The single father was grieving and anxious his whole life, you see?  His dad was murked when he was just 5.  His mom died when was 17.  Although still a child,  Fuentes was obligated to feed and care for his younger siblings.

LA Times paid somebody to release Luiz records.  He was first reported to Child Abuse Services in 2010.  “The potential for father to lose control again is present and likely.  Father feels that counseling will not be beneficial to him because it would force him to remember when all he wants is to forget.”

It’s so many abused kids in dire need of safety, so Child Protective allowed Luiz Fuentes to skip grief counseling, although it was court ordered.  The kids never really had a chance.  Parent-less child- Fuentes’ wife and his kids mother, suddenly died of a brain aneurysm in 2008. Fuentas was overwhelmed with 3 mouths to feed on his own…once again.  We heard authorities dismissed an anonymous child abuse allegation against Luiz last year.

Luiz Fuentas worked like a slave slicing his hands at Farmer John meat processing plant.  He often came home to chaos, lack, and disorder.  Although he earned just $2000.00 per month, CalWorks Welfare denied his cash benefits.  He was above the limit.  $204 per month in food stamps convinced his girlfriend to leave.  When Luiz was under investigation in 2010, Josefina Barrales begged investigators to give him counseling.  His own girlfriend admitted he was, “anxious nervous, and depressed.”   But who wouldn’t be, living with 3 kids in a car?