What Really Happened To Gary Coleman ? Suspicious Video

We never forgot the way Shannon Price yanked Gary Coleman off life support.  He supposedly died from a head injury following a brutal fall.  We all looked at Shannon with the side eye.  Rumors spread about how she used to beat Gary’s ass.  They say she cursed, and belittled him constantly.  When she wasn’t dragging him like a rag doll, or calling him a ‘has-been’- sources say she whipped him with belts.  Price used her weight to physically abuse Gary Coleman, but some say he deserved it.

Gary’s parents duped him out of all his Diff’rent Strokes money.  This left him bitter, and angry.  He was trapped in a famous body.  People harassed him to continually repeat ‘what chu talkin’ ’bout Willis’. Coleman made plenty of enemies because he was dead broke, and type cast.  He was unable to get further Hollyweird work, just like Steve Urkel.

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They found Gary Coleman with a pool of blood leaking from his head in Provo, Utah.  The video above proves Shannon’s bizarre reaction to his deadly fall.  Hopefully, police made the right call.  Fans suspect he was murdered.  Shannon was the only one there when he died, but the only time she went to court, was to fight for his struggle assets.  The relationship was a showmance riddled with cheating.  “The Judge felt that Price has a significant self-interest — she wants to be an actress and model — and did not find her to be credible” according to Forbes.  Shannon didn’t get a dime, and Arnold Jackson never received a star on Hollywood’s walk of fame.