What Ruined Julianne Hough Ryan Seacrest Showmance ?

Ryan Seacrest was proposing in Paris long before Kim Kardashian, and Kanye West.  Julianne Hough hasn’t had a successful relationship since Seacrest left her hanging out to Blue Ivy’s hair.  We really  wanted this showmance to work.  We pictured wittle blonde haired, ungrateful,  A Listers peddling around Santa Monica drinking Starbucks.

Seacrest still hasn’t shed his sexually ambiguous persona.  He’d sell his Mama for his showbiz career.  That’s even more reason why fans assumed they’d grow old happily ever after.  Julianne is the only girl Ryan ever loved.  Or, was he just in love with her Burlesque limelight?  Did he want to marry Hough?  Or was he just smitten with her Dancing With The Stars image, and potential life as a country singing super star?

Ryan ate pork back in Nashville, Tennessee with Julianne Hough’s family.  He took the country cutie yachting before whisking her off to Paris, and proposing in front of his parents, and sister.  Ryan vowed to take a break with Julianne, and settle down.  Here’s where she forked up.  Hough started talking about having babies right off.  Ryan felt exactly how Kim Kardashian felt when Kris Humphries expected her to ditch Hollyweird for middle America.  Seacrest pictured a life of  red carpet premiers, and network showmancing.  While Hough was eager to get pregnant, and seal her career’s fate.  Ryan will never trade his exhausting Hollywood career for something as boringly satisfying as kids.