Where Is Lamar Odom

We haven’t seen Lamar Odom since the Kardashian family ruined his life.  They did him just like Kris Humphries.  Kris Jenner cancelled his showbiz contract immediately following the Laker trade.  Instead of just divorcing Lamar, and moving forward with the next famous black cock- Khloe smudged his name through the tabloids.  The Kardashian family labeled LO a crackhead, and now he’s no longer in the NBA.

French Montana’s last album went triple plastic.  French is desperate to date Khloe Kardashian for some much needed limelight, and that reality show contract money.  Poor Lamar Odom was duped into a reality wedding, because he thought Khloe really loved him.

@HollyweirdTimes has a few paparazzi friends.  We keep our ears to the streets for tea.  Where is Lamar Odom?  Probably danked out playing video games with Jamie.  Here is where Lamar was the last few weeks:

09/28  Lamar was spotted posted at Steven’s Burgers in Gardena, CA.  He was waiting on his pastrami sandwich.

09/30   Fans spotted en egg head ripping up the 105 East.  Odom was pushing a smoke grey Range Rover.

10/08   Odom stopped by the South Bay Galleria.  He was loitering around the beach city mall with his homies.

10/18  The NBA Champion was socializing with fans, and playing basketball at Cheviot Hills Rec Center in LA.

10/30 Candy Man was grinning in Vons Santa Monica.  Customers say he purchased beer, and Halloween treats.

Yesterday, NBA fans claim LO was copping chili burgers at Tom’s on Pico Blvd.  A few kids from the local Boys & Girls Club were elated to see the Staples Center veteran.  Lamar Odom is still insanely humble.  He even took photos for a few kids, and bought extra food to share.

Meanwhile, North West is somewhere sitting on her daddy’s lap naked.