They Say Bobbi Kristina Was On Crack and Heroin

Was Bobbi Kristina on heroin and crack?  She was found unconscious in the bath tub, just like her moma.  It’s the spookiest Hollyweird news post Caitlyn Jenner.  Bobbi Kristina is with Whitney Houston in heaven, but that doesn’t stop us from wondering what really happened.

“Whether heroin or crack – or other drugs – played a role in what happened to her will be determined. But I know how bad off she was in the months before this happened,” an informant told The ENQUIRER.

“She told me her mother’s death ‘gutted her.’ Those were her exact words,” the man said.

He admitted getting blitzed with Bobbi.  He feels awful aiding in her “tragic downward spiral.”  They were school mates getting high on a regular basis.  Reports previously claimed Bobbi Kristina snorted cocaine, and smoked Kush.  Never underestimate a Hollyweird baby’s stress of living the dream life.  Snitches claim Bobbi was dropping over $5000.00 a week on A-list drugs.

Everyone wants to blame Nick Gordon.  One clue that could help police investigating the incident would be to locate “the secret vault-like chamber” hidden in the young couple’s mansion.

“That’s where Krissi keeps her drug stash and cash, and also where Nick keeps his guns,” the classmate told The ENQUIRER.

Bobby Brown is appalled at the accusations, and denounced the rumors.  The informant claims Bobbi had two local dope dealers who supplied her 24 hours a day.

“These two are known as ‘Steve-O’ and ‘G,’” he said. “They would either come to her place or she’d meet them in her car at a designated location.”

He said: “Before Whitney died, Krissi was hooked on coke and marijuana, and also had a problem with Xanax.” According to the source, Bobbi Kristina’s dived into harder drugs  in the months after her mother passed.

Eventually, that led to Bobbi Kristina eating Roxicodone, a synthetic drug chemically similar to heroin known as “Roxys,” said the man. “She really liked the feeling she got from Roxys. She snorted them, and she’d ask me, ‘Can you get them for me?’”

“Not long after that she traded up to ‘full-blown’ heroin. We’d use heroin together at friends’ apartments, at parties.”

Are Tinseltown kids exposed to too much cash?  Did Whitney do drugs in front of Krissi?  Why didn’t Oprah, and Tyler Perry step in before this happened?  Continue HERE to find out what the snitch said about Nick Gordon.