Why American Colleges Flooded With Koreans

Every year South Korean students are required to take an extremely difficult exam.  Adhering to the stereo- type, the test is 100x more extreme than America’s punk ass SATs or ACTs.  Knowledge is power.  American students are addicted to social media. Parents are caught up reality drama, and Scandal (ous) sitcoms.  If you aren’t working, you’d better be studying in South Korea.  How else can you explain the Asian takeover at USC?

When it is test time in South Korea- the birds stop chirping, and the wind stops blowing.  All the machinery cogs in the industrious town, pause.  Government agencies, and corporate companies require employees to commute very quietly in the late morning.  They consider  light traffic, and no- fly zones, mandatory.  The testing is more serious than Khloe Kardashian’s booty leak.  There are over 1300 test centers in the area.  They have no time, or patience for Seth Rogen and Dennis Rodman.  Korean students are serious about education.  They don’t squander their scholarships, or waste time shooting each other for Michael Jordan’s sneakers.  Korean international students out number Americans 10 to 1 at every accredited university in the Unites States.