Why Are Hollywood Comedians Secretly Pissed With Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is just getting started, but is already considered a household name.  How did he blow up so quickly, and so fast?  More so, why doesn’t anyone ever bash him for ditching his first wife, at the peak of his career (just like Steve Harvey and Dwyane Wade)?

Sure Kevin has Real Husbands of Hollywood on fire.  Hart even had the opportunity to meet President Obama.  Ride Along, is however, his first starring role.  The Phili mini man bragged to LATimes,

 “This is the movie that can catapult me into a different realm of stardom, I can be looked at as a leading man.”  

Fellow Hollyweird comedians pretend to be happy for Kevin, but here’s why they’re really mad:

In 2011, a film version of his stand-up show “Laugh at My Pain” surprised studio executives when it grossed $7.7 million while playing in fewer than 300 cinemas. The movie — which Hart funded himself for $750,000 — did so well that last summer, Lionsgate decided to release his second comedy concert, “Let Me Explain,” during the competitive Fourth of July weekend. After $32 million worth of ticket sales rolled in, it was clear that Hart — who has 9.6 million followers on Twitter (@KevinHart4real) — could open a movie.

OMG!  Did they just say Hart invested $750,000, and got $7.7 million back?  Don’t let the jokes distract you.  Kevin Hart is rich as a bitch.  You can tell by his new model girlfriend.