Why Avril Lavigne Chad Kroeger Divorce ?

'Wow. I love my hubby!' And after gushing over the 17-carat diamond ring her 39-year-old beau bought her for their anniversary in July, Avril mysteriously deleted her tweet

Is Avril Lavigne still holding a torch for Brody Jenner?  Is Chad Kroeger slinging the pipe right, or nah?    They’ve been married a tiny time, but they’re headed for divorce just like Nicole Kidman, Mariah Carey, and Gwyneth Paltrow.  Maybe it’s the age difference?  Was cheating involved?  Avril staggered out of the Chateau Marmont the other night, without her panties, self-esteem, or wedding ring!

‘It’s over,’ a source admitted to Us Weekly. ‘He has been going around L.A. and telling people that they’re divorcing.’


'A lot of her friends don't like him': The Canadian crooners famously got engaged one month after recording the eight-time Grammy nominee's aptly-titled duet, Let Me Go

We are crushed to report another dissolved showmance.  This is almost as sad as Drake’s album.  Canada would rather keep Justin Bieber.  Want to know what the real problem is?  It’s not time apart, and rock groupies.  Our connection Kris Jenner revealed Chad’s disdain over Avril’s obsession with filming a reality show.  Executives persuaded Lavigne to consider reality show offers to promote her brand, and music.  Stans demand a closer look into Kroeger’s celebrity life with his gorgeous young wife.  Avril was totally open minded, and encouraged by LeAnn & Eddie.  Chad prefers focusing on being a normal family.  He’s bored with Avril’s focus on career, and celebrity.