Why Brahim Zaibat Dump Madonna ?

Hollywood’s leading ladies continue to reverse gender stereotypes by smashing hot young men.  Madonna is the one who kicked it all off when she Botoxed her sex life, and divorced Guy Ritchie.  It’s one thing to rob the cradle.  Seniors need to get their rocks off too.  Madonna drove an extreme machine down Pedophile Dr. when she started forking Brahim Zaibat. Brahim didn’t smash men behind Madonna’s sexy back, like Casper Smart did J-Ho.  The kinky Kaballah queen didn’t have anything against his DWTS (France) showmance with pretty blonde dance partner- Katrina Patchett.   Madonna, loves a rock hard, energetic cock more than her career.  She lost Jesus Luz when he spotted a wisdom hair on her coochie.  So how did she ruin everything with Brahim? Patricia Vidal was disgusted when she realized her son was smashing a GILF.  Madonna is 30 years older than Brahim Zaibat, and 10 years older than his mother!  Yes.  When Katrina was learning to read and write, Madonna was already a national celebrity.   Pat was more offended than star struck.  What would you do if it were your son?