Why Did Blake & Sam Split Already? #Bachelor

Sam Frost is not eagerly planning her wedding.  She may be looking for work in another industry.  We don’t dig people who ‘break character’.  Sam ditched her contract showmance and cut things off with The Bachelor before the wedding.  Sources  claim both their egos, and pressures to be a real- life couple, fizzled the fun.  Frost auditioned to be a star, not be be some broke man’s wife.

“Network Ten can confirm that Blake and Sam have sadly ended their engagement. When Blake proposed to Sam in South Africa, he did so because he had genuinely fallen in love with her. He was excited to start a life with Sam and was very much looking forward to their future together,” the statement reads.

“Unfortunately, not all relationships are meant to be, and feelings invariably change. Once Blake returned to his everyday life, he realised that they both wanted different things from a relationship and had different priorities. Blake has the greatest love and respect for Sam, but has made the difficult decision to end the relationship.”